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In addition to accounting, tax and financial services, we specialize in estate and trust planning and administration, and trustee services. We provide creative solutions for your unique set of circumstances and needs.


Full range of tax planning and preparation services


Dynasty Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Estate & Gift Planning, Estate & Trust Administration, Teton Estate Capital Management, Family Office, Wyoming Residency Consultation


Full accounting services


Cost Segregation Analysis, FLP, LLC, Profit Enhancement


Family Limited Partnership Planning, Limited Liability Company Planning, Investment Advisory Review, Participation in Private Equity Investment


Shared Family Office, Shared Executive Office Space

Tax Planning and Advice

Everything we do reflects our understanding of relevant federal and state tax issues.

Personal and business planning cannot be intelligently engaged in without appropriate consideration of applicable federal and state tax laws. Everything we do reflects our understanding of relevant federal and state tax issues.

Our CPAs have substantial experience working with Federal income tax laws affecting individuals, businesses, (C & S corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships), nonprofit tax-exempt organizations (including charities, charitable trusts, and private foundations), as well as trusts and estates. We have extensive experience helping individuals and organizations structure their affairs so as to minimize their liability for federal income taxes.

The effects of taxation must be taken into consideration in planning but should never unduly influence good business judgment concerning the intelligent conduct of affairs. We pride ourselves in our grasp of relevant tax rules and planning techniques, and we are committed to working with clients, their attorneys, and other financial advisors to implement practical business and personal tax planning strategies on a cost-effective basis.

Estates & Trusts

The design and implementation of an estate plan is merely the first step in taking control of our clients personal, financial, and property affairs.

Estate planning provides for the execution of clients’ wishes by bringing into play many related disciplines including investment management services, financial/retirement planning, tax planning, and business succession planning. Estate planning plays a vital role in preserving and distributing the assets our clients have worked so hard to build.

Vinson, Scott & Associates CPAs, RLLP is committed to working closely with our clients and their other trusted advisors to ensure that their estate plan will accomplish their goals throughout their lifetime and beyond. An experienced estate planning specialist will take the time to understand our client’s family and financial circumstances, and estate planning objectives. Once our client’s needs are determined, we create a plan that helps our clients leave a legacy for loved ones.

We provide the following Estate and Trust Services:

  • Dynasty Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Estate & Gift Planning
  • Estate & Trust Administration
  • Family Office
  • Wyoming Residency Consultation

We offer consultation with regard to individual and business qualifications and requirements for Wyoming residency. The most critical requirements for an individual center around three facts:

  • Where does the individual spend the most time?
  • Where is the individual’s primary business income derived?
  • Where does the family reside the majority of the time, including home and schools for children?
Accounting Services

Sound bookeeping is the underlying foundation of every aspect of financial management.

Vinson, Scott & Associates CPAs, RLLP offers a full range of accounting services including:

  • Income Tax Preparation & Planning
  • Bookeeping
  • Payroll
  • Personal Tax
  • Non-Profit
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • IRS Resolutions
  • Family Office Services
Business Planning

Vinson, Scott & Associates CPAs, RLLP can assist with the formation of businesses, business succession planning, purchase or sale of businesses, and overall operations.

Who benefits:

  • Founders of closely held companies in pre-sale, pre-IPO mode
  • Employees who hold significant options
  • Beneficiaries of significant options

Vinson, Scott & Associates CPAs, RLLP offers the following business services:

  • Cost segregation and analysis
  • Profit Enhancement
Personal Financial Planning

Vinson, Scott & Associates CPAs, RLLP personal financial planning professionals can help you reach your goals, whether it be to buy a home, business, provide funding for education or plan your retirement, with their 5-step strategy.

The strategy consists of 5 stages, managed by one of our Tax Planning Specialists:

  • Develop a Wealth Planning Strategy: Create a comprehensive strategy for the achievement of short and long term financial goals.
  • Establish Goals: Create both short and long range financial goals and objectives.
  • Compile Data and Documents: Gather current financial information and estate planning documents.
  • Implement and Monitor Plan: Assist the client in implementation of plan, and monitor plan annually or semi-annually.
  • Develop Plans and Strategies for specific situations: Cash Flow analysis, retirement analysis, business succession planning, charitable planning, stock option planning, and income tax planning.

How you benefit: 

  • Assurance of a plan to achieve financial goals
  • A specific schedule for implementing plan
  • A program designed to monitor success of the plan, and dictate changes, if needed
  • A compilation of understandable personal financial information
Family & Business Offices

Vinson, Scott & Associates CPAs, RLLP offers our high net worth families a full spectrum of administrative and investement tasks to preserve their family’s wealth and provide for a succession plan.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Manage Individual and Family Financial Affairs
    Assist with the implementation of overall financial plan. Activities may include monitoring plan, coordinating professional services, day to day financial services.
  • Coordinate and Implement Family Gifting Program
    Prepare gifting projections and update annually, prepare gifting letters and asset transfer documents.
  • Coordinate Activities of Financial Team Members Such As Attorney, Financial Planner and Banker.
  • Handle Day to Day Financial Affairs
    Pay monthly bills, cash management and budgeting, balance checking accounts, hire and prepare payroll for domestic employees, and monitor property, liability, and health insurance to make sure there is sufficient coverage.

Who Benefits:

  • High net worth families
  • Family business owners into the second or third generation of ownership
  • Highly paid clients who face significant time constraints

How you benefit:

  • Central collection location of documents and financial data
  • Assurance that financial affairs are being handled in a professional timely manner
  • Continued plan monitoring to ensure that financial objectives are being met
  • Financial education of family unit by independent professionals
  • Relief of day to day financial matters

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